It’s simple, it’s inexpensive, and it’s easy to install. Plus, we build it specifically for use on a boat. For example the alarm is enclosed in a plastic NEMA 4X enclosure to protect it from splashing and hose-directed water. This is likely to occur on a boat. All wires exiting the alarm enclosure pass through cable glands to prevent water from entering around the wire. All the wires exiting from the alarm control are marine grade wire.

Alarm Protection Ideas  
Protect boat that has canvas cover Protect boat using pressure pad in cabin
Protect boat while it is moored Protect boat while on boat trailer
Protect kicker motor Protect boat hatches, doors or windows
Protect your boat with a Cell Phone Alert Protect boat with a motion detector

Installation of a Columbia Boat alarm is simple and most individuals will have no difficulty with the alarm installation. Installation instructions for the alarm are on this web site.
The 12 volt DC alarm is activated and de-activated with either a switch or a key-fob remote. As soon as the alarm is active a red LEDblinking-LED starts flashing. The flashing LED informs the owner that the alarm is active.

This flashing LEDblinking-LED should be located where it is visible from outside the boat and near an alarm sticker, warning that this boat is protected with an an alarm system. The intent is to cause a would-be intruder to look for an easier boat to burglarize. This is a good example of a perimeter protection device. Perimeter protection is when a would-be intruder leaves the area before he boards your boat.

The Columbia Boat intrusion alarm cannot stop or prevent a burglary. However, a properly installed system when active will cause a loud siren to sound when any of the alarm sensors is tripped. The intent is to discourage a would-be intruder, who will probably leave as soon as the siren sounds. An adequately charged battery is essential for the operation of the alarm.

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