Cable Wrap Sensors Q & A

Why use Cable Wrap Sensors with a boat alarm?

Cable wrap sensors provide boat security by tethering the boat to the dock, by tethering the kicker motor to the boat, by tethering the lower unit to the boat, or by tethering the boat to the boat trailer. The cable wrap is very versatile and can be used with our boat alarm to protect any item that can be tethered to the boat.

cable- wrap-q-aPerimeter protection is provided by devices that discourage an intruder before he takes your boat.Cable Wrap sensors provide perimeter protection.

Below is an example of a cable wrap used with a kicker motor to prevent theft.

cable- wrap-q-a2

  How do they work?

The cable wrap sensor consists of a module and a coaxial cable. The cable wrap module is mounted inside the boat. The coaxial cable connects to a cable module terminal and is then threaded through the dock, trailer wheel, or the trolling motor. The loose end of the coaxial cable returns and connects to the cable wrap module. The coaxial cable is wrapped so that it is necessary to cut or disconnect the cable in order to remove the item being protected. The cable wrap module has two wires which are connected to alarm zone 2. The cable wrap sensor is a normally-closed sensor so the alarm is triggered if the cable is cut or disconnected.

Is it difficult to install?

No. It is easily installed with ordinary hand tools. Refer to the installation manual for details.

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