Canvas Snap Sensors Q & A

Why use Canvas Snap Sensors with a boat alarm?

Canvas snap sensors provide boat security by replacing the existing canvas snaps at locations where an intruder is most likely to board the boat. When an intruder unsnaps the canvas at a protected location the boat alarm triggers the siren.

Perimeter protection is provided by devices that discourage an intruder before he boards your boat. Canvas Snap sensors provide perimeter protection.


How do they work?

magnetincanvascover1A small magnet is placed in the cap of the snap on the canvas. When snapped onto the canvas snap sensor the magnet keeps the alarm circuit closed. As soon as the canvas is unsnapped the magnet moves away from the sensor and the alarm control senses the open circuit. The alarm then triggers the siren.

The photo shows the magnet inserted in the cap of the snap.

Is it difficult to install?

No. It is easily installed with ordinary hand tools. Refer to the installation manual for details.

Why install it on alarm zone one?

When an intruder unsnaps the canvas, the alarm siren will howl. The intruder will most likely run and leave the area. It is not probable that he will snap the canvas back in place. It is certainly not desirable to have the alarm siren keep cycling on and off, thus becoming a nuisance. Zone 1 will trigger the boat alarm siren only one time. To reactivate zone 1, reset the alarm using the key-fob remote.

Also,wind can cause the canvas cover to unsnap causing a false alarm. If the canvas snap sensors are wired to zone 1 the siren will sound one time for two minutes and then alarm zone 1 becomes inactive. Zones 2 and 3 are still active to provide intruder protection.

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