Alarm Sensors


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Canvas Snap SensorCanvas Snap Sensor – $20.00 each 

Canvas Snap Sensors help to protect the boats as shown in the pictures below. When a protected snap on the canvas cover is opened the alarm siren will howl.

Included in this package
One canvas snap sensor, O-ring and nut, Two heat-shrink connectors, Two magnets. (Note, one magnet is an extra.  They are small and easy to lose.)

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Additional Canvas Snap Sensor Information
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hatchsensorHatch Sensors – $10.00 each

This sensor used on a door in combination with a pressure mat is an excellent alarm scheme for an open boat. The pressure mat is carefully hidden in front of the protected door. An intruder will likely step on the pressure mat before he opens the door setting off the alarm siren. The alarm will also sound when the door is opened in case the intruder advoids the pressure mat.

Included in this package  
 One hatch / door sensor, Two heat-shrink connectors & One hatch/door magnet. 

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Additional Hatch Sensors Information
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pressurepadpackagesmPressure Mat Sensor – $96.00 

A Pressure Mat Sensor hidden under a rug alarms when the intruder steps on the rug. Hide the wires carefully because cutting the wires to the pressure mat disables the sensor without triggering the alarm. For this reason, a pressure pad should not be used as the only alarm sensor.

Included in this package
One pressure mat, Two heat-shrink connectors, One two-prong plug
Additional Pressure Mat Sensor Information
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cablewrapsensorCable Wrap Sensor – $38.00 each

Cable wrap sensors provide boat security by tethering the boat to the dock, by tethering the kicker motor to the boat, by tethering the lower unit to the boat, or by tethering the boat to the boat trailer. The cable wrap is very versatile and can be used with our boat alarm to protect any item that can be tethered to the boat.

 Included in this package
 One cable wrap module, Two heat-shrink connectors, One cable wrap

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 Additional Cable Wrap Sensor Information  
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pirsqPIR Motion Sensor – $86.00 each  

Passive infrared motion sensors can be very useful alarm sensors.  But, in a boat careful placement of the sensor is critical to prevent false alarms. If possible, mount the sensor overhead so it’s looking down. An alternative is to mount it low in the boat so it can not see outside the boat.  The field of view for this sensor is a solid curtain that is about 6 feet wide at a distance of 12 ft.  Keep heat sources out of the sensors field of view.  Technical advances for this PIR have all but virtually eliminated false alarms from environmental   disturbances.  Small animals can cause the PIR to trigger the alarm. 

Included in this package
One PIR motion sensor

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