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Spring thru fall I keep my bass boat in a large private marina which is open to boat traffic from a large TN TVA lake. Once each of the past four years I have experienced significant loss from break-in and theft – loss in the amount of more than $4200 in tackle, boat equipment and supplies. But rather than quit bass fishing out of disgust at age 72, this spring I elected to install an alarm system on the boat in addition to a motion activated LED security light as well as a surveillance camera both focused on my slip. After researching applicable products on the internet and then by telephone I kept coming back to an alarm system manufactured by Columbia Boat Alarms of Columbia Falls, MT. I had several e-mail and telephone communications with Francis, owner and “go to” guy at Columbia before finalizing and ordering the unit. My order was for the Basic Package which included the 3 zone Model 411 control panel and misc. hardware plus the necessary length of duplex 18 ga. wire I required, magnetic switches, and heat shrink connectors. Installation was simple even for me, being the “electronically challenged” individual I am. The only difficulty I encountered was getting 2 duplex 18 ga. wires run from the battery compartment to the driver’s console, but I finally managed it with a flat sided fish  tape. I’m using only zones 1 and 2 of the system capability in my present application. I have since also purchased from Columbia and installed a second 120 db siren in parallel with the 110 db. I wanted a louder siren. The system does exactly what was promised and does what I wanted to accomplish; I can also expand it in the future if I so desire. Time will tell if the alarm prevents further theft – there are some mighty brazen, crafty thieves running the TN the river. The service and support provided by Company owner Francis was exemplary.  Once I made up my mind what I wanted the rest, as they say, is history. I strongly recommend this system if it meets your application requirements; I encourage you to check out the Columbia Boat Alarms website.

“Happy, happy, happy” bassman in Tennessee

Francis:  By the way the motion sensor works extremely well now that the boat is in the water.  The waves do not set it off.  It only goes off when someone passes  If you would like me to write a nice review I would be happy to do so.  Let me know.

Thanks again, Ken

Comment on Facebook (April 15, 2016)

5* Columbia Boat Alarms and Francis are simply the best to protect your boat!    M.R.

Comment on Facebook (July 22, 2016)

This company is an honest, honorable, professional business that stands behind their words and products.  They truly have a mission to help you protect your boat and belongings.  They do business the old-fashioned way.  A great product with great people behind it.  Thanks for your help this past week.    J. M.

Comment on Facebook (February 26, 2018

I tried for months to find a decent alarm system for my fishing boat, and finally happened across Columbia Boat Alarms in the USA. I got in touch with Francis by email, and he answered all of my questions for the next week or so. I finally ordered the basic kit, with wire and a motion sensor. It arrived here in Alberta, Canada within a week. I was pleasantly surprised at the high-grade quality of everything from the alarm box, to the sensor, to the key fobs. It was all excellent. I spent the first evening hooking it all up in the boat to ensure it worked, and planning where to put everything. The instructions were very good and easy to navigate. The next morning I drilled holes and installed the LED light, motion sensor, alarm box and siren. It took about 10 hours in total, but I took my time and planned everything as best I could. It worked out better then I hoped for. Good quality parts from a company that provides excellent service! Thank you Francis! P.S.