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PIR Motion Sensor


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Passive infrared motion sensors can be very useful alarm sensors.  But, in a boat careful placement of the sensor is critical to prevent false alarms. If possible, mount the sensor overhead so it’s looking down. An alternative is to mount it low in the boat so it can not see outside the boat.  This motion sensor looks out in a flat curtain that is about 6 feet wide at a distance of 12 ft.  Rotate the sensor so that the curtain of view is flat out above the floor.  It will sense anyone walking across the floor when they enter the field of view.

The motion sensor detects well beyond 12 feet. Keep heat sources out of the sensors field of view. Technical advances for this PIR have all but virtually eliminated false alarms from environmental disturbances. Columbia Boat Alarms does not represent this sensor as a marine grade device.  However, when installed in a protected location it can give reliable service.

Motion Sensor Support

Installation of Motion Detector Alarm Installation Manual  


Motion sensor in radar arch looking down

Motion Detector Looking Down

Motion Detector Closeup

Closeup Of Motion Sensor Looking down

Floor scan inside the boat

Motion Scans Floor