Door/Hatch sensors are used on doors, hatches and moveable windows to trigger the alarm when a magnet is pulled away from the sensor. These sensors are very common in alarm systems. The main cabin door on this boat is protected with a Door/Hatch sensor.


  • The hatch/door sensor is mounted on the door frame as shown in the photo below.
  • The magnet is mounted on the door.  Mount it within a half-inch of the sensor.
  • If the door closes by itself when released, then connect to Zone 2.  The alarm will then reset one minute after the siren sounds.
  • The intruder does not know how the boat is protected.
  • All our alarm sensors can be combined with the htach/door sensor.
  • A boat hatch is protected in the same manner as a cabin door.

cabin door protected with a hatch sensor

cabin door protected with a hatch sensor

Sensor and magnet mounted on door

Sensor and magnet mounted on door

FIRST SUGGESTION- A complete package including marine wire and heat-shrink connectors. (Note this package includes two canvas snap sensors.)

Standard Package

Standard Alarm Package   $339.00  FREE USA SHIPPING (Package includes Model 411 control, Two remote controls, Siren, LED, Warning labels, toggle switch, two canvas snap sensors, one hatch sensor, fifteen feet of 18/2 marine wire, forty feet 20/2 marine wire, ten tie wraps, siren mounting screws and eighteen heat shrink connectors.)

 Additional alarm sensors can be added to this package.

ALTERNATE SUGGESTION- Select the Basic alarm package and add sensors.  Marine wire and connectors are not included.

Use the Basic Alarm Package and add one Hatch Sensor.    ($229.00 Free Shipping)

Custom Package

Basic Alarm Pkg

Basic Alarm Package   $219.00  FREE USA SHIPPING The basic alarm package includes the Model 411 alarm control, two remote controls, one flashing LED, two alarm warning labels, a siren, and a toggle switch.   This package does not include any wire or wire connectors.



The door or hatch sensor.

The hatch/door sensor

Hatch Sensor   $10.00  FREE USA SHIPPING (Package includes the hatch sensor, and two heat shrink connectors.)