The floor scan motion detector is placed low in the boat to detect movement thru its scan field. The scan field is a flat curtain.  Below is a plot showing the approximate scan pattern out to a distance of eight feet.  The first drawing shows how to use with the motion sensor mounted low in the boat to scan across the floor.  The intruder must be in the boat and have entered the scan area for this device to detect. 


  • The motion detector is a Passive Infrared (PIR) detector so it will see a heat source in its field of view.
  • The floor scan motion sensor is mounted in a small NEMA 4 enclosure.
  • Mount the PIR so it scans across the floor.  Mount the scanner so it cannot sense movement outside the boat.
  • This motion sensor can be mounted in the front of the boat so it scans toward the rear.
  • Test the location of the motion sensor before mounting permanently.
  • A plot (approximate) of the scan field is shown below.  This motion sensor will sense movement at a distance greater than twenty feet.
  • Connect the two green wires on the PIR to the alarm control green wires.  Connect the yellow and black PIR wires to the alarm control yellow and black wires.  The flashing LED is also connected to the alarm control yellow and black wires.  Connection in this manner starts and stops the floor scan PIR with the key-fob remote control.

Motion sensor scan across the floor.

Following is a plot of the PIR view out to eight feet.

PIR view

Plot of PIR view

SUGGESTED EQUIPMENT INCLUDES THE ALARM CONTROL UNIT.  (Note that the motion detect can be added to an existing alarm control.)

Custom Package

Basic Alarm Pkg


Basic Alarm Package   $219.00  FREE SHIPPING (Package includes Model 411 control, Two remote controls, Siren, LED, Warning labels, and toggle switch.)